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Rosmah Eligible for RM800 BPN but Not Najib

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Rosmah Mansor, spouse of formal prime minister Najib Abdul Razak is eligible to get RM800 under the Bantuan Prihatin Nasional (BPN) programme based on Oriental daily.

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The reporter of Oriental daily even check personally via the BPN webite for verification. Once they key in Rosmah Mansor Identification Number, the result surprise them! Status: LULUS!

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While Najib Abdul Razak might not be that “Lucky”, the application had been turn down.

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Credit: orientaldaily

Unfortunately, Rosmah entry has been removed after the exposure of media, leaving no record to be found through the website.

The LULUS posting went viral on social media platform, since then Najib had made a statement on his facebook, claiming that his wife does not apply for the BPN and they received no SMS declaring that Rosmah eligible for the aid.

Najib later mention if it is true the RM800 been channeled to his wife ‘s bank account, he will donated the fund to the Government Covid-19.

▼Netizen seem can’t calm down when they find out this news

▼Some wondering how the reporter could ever get Rosmah IC number

▼Anyhow, at the end, her record not found anyway.. #thinkpositive

Source: orientaldaily