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Singaporean Man Wrote Touchingly For His Father’s Contribution As Essential Worker

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the frontline workers are working tirelessly and risking their lives to help others. Hats off to them !

A Singaporean netizen recently wrote a heartwarming post on Facebook and it went viral with 27,100 reactions and 7,000 shares in just a day.

The original post:

My dad is an essential worker.

No, he is not a doctor or a nurse, he also could not read or write. He is but a hardworking man who keeps our streets and parks clean and has been for the past four decades of his life.

But people like my dad, not forgetting countless others in other essential services such as our food delivery riders, public transport operators and supermarket staff play as important a role in keeping our country moving in the midst of this extremely trying period.

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My dad and other essential workers continue being out and about – placing themselves exposed to this hidden enemy. This worries me more because my dad is a senior citizen, making him among the vulnerable subset of our community.

I take this moment to urge everybody to take the circuit breaker with utmost seriousness. Play your part in keeping our seniors, loved ones and families safe and to not overwhelm our frontline workers.

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While they do appreciate the singalongs, claps and cheers that we have been giving thus far, the greatest form of respect and tribute that you could offer in your own capabilities to them is by simply staying at home. It’s already a difficult period, so let’s not be a difficult people.

Please, let’s do some good together by staying home for our seniors, staying home for our frontline workers, staying home for Singapore.

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P.S. When I sneakily took this photo of my dad getting ready for work earlier today during Sahur, I was feeling overwhelmed looking at how extraordinary of a man my father is and how unbelievably proud and lucky I am to be his son – no matter what society views him as.

I ask Allah SWT to protect him, bless him with health and happiness in this world and the highest level of Paradise in the hereafter for the wonders that he have done for my mom, brothers and I since the day he asked my mom for her hand in marriage and in starting a family together.

Netizens’ responses:

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