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Singaporean Queue In IKEA Before Lockdown?!

In order to deal with the pandemic of Covid-19, many countries have been imposing a lockdown. Hence, you can see panic buying everywhere. In most of the countries, people stocking up foods, essentials and long queue are spotted in supermarkets.

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Well,  panic buying for essentials, foods to get ready for lockdown is pretty normal, however Singaporeans seem to be slightly different from other countries! The crowd not only flocking up grocery stores but mostly IKEA, which sells furniture.

▼ From the picture took by netizens, the queue outside the IKEA outlets was unbelievable!

▼ The netizens said it doesn’t make sense. Why furniture?!

▼ Or maybe they just miss the IKEA food too much?

Or there’s might be another reason for queuing outside IKEA?! A netizen from Twitter shared a post yesterday. Actually IKEA is selling coffins for the past years, and he thought that the long queue aren’t for furniture or food, but coffins?!

According to the report of Mirror News , the coffins sold by IKEA is officially called “Chistann”, which means “coffin” in Swedish pronunciation. Same with other DIY furniture of IKEA, you have to assemble the coffin by yourselves after receiving the delivery.

The IKEA coffin weighs around 30kg and cost £200 (around RM1,020). It only takes 15 minutes to assemble the coffin, which can hold the weight of a person up to 110kg.

As it is the period of Covid-19 pandemic, the queues outside IKEA remind Singaporean netizens of the IKEA coffins. Despite of social distancing, the Singaporeans were still queueing outside which risk themselves to the Covid-19 spreading.

Therefore, the netizens urged everyone by this post: “The DIY furniture you’ll need if you guys continue to “chiong” ( rushed ) to IKEA. “

▼ Yeah, the coffins will be waiting there for you.

▼ Commenters said there might be a great sale for coffins.

▼ The picture frame for funeral.

▼ Commenters said “Please don’t go anywhere or you will need to get ready your coffins.”

Source: Twitter | Facebook | Mirror News