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Spanish Taxi Driver Who Has Taken Covid-19 Patients to Hospital For Free Was Greeted Round Of Applause From Medical Staff

According to The Independent, this particular driver was known to medical staff of Hospital in Alcorcon, Spain as someone who regularly ferried Covid-19 patients to the hospital without any charges.

Posted on Twitter by the Spanish taxi union, the video shows a taxi driver who had been called to the hospital under the impression that he was to pick up a patient.

However, this time, he was greeted with round of applause from the medical staff. They wanted to show thanks to his kindness during the Covid-19 outbreak .

As a gesture of thanks the hospital gave him an envelope with money as well as the results of his Covid-19 test, which was negative.

Credit : Guardian

The driver who appeared moved to tears could only respond by shaking his head and holding his arms out in a gesture of shock.

“Thank you,” he said, to which a hospital staff member replied “Thank you for helping us.”

Credit : Guardian

The video went viral and has garnered 12.7 million views and over 49,000 retweets since it was posted to Twitter on Apr 18.

Even the deputy mayor of Alcorcon city council, Jesus Santos Gimeno was among those who shared the video. “In solidarity, we will get out of this,” he wrote.

Credit : Guardian

Spain is amongst the countries hit the hardest by Covid-19, reporting 204,178 infections and 21,282 deaths as of 12:34am on Apr 22.

According to Reuters, the country has seen the rate of infections slow down after implementing lockdown on Mar 14. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez also indicated that he would ease some of the restrictions by second half of May.

Let’s commit to kindness and helping each other during the Covid-19 outbreak! #Covid19Kindness

Source : The Independent | Guardian