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Special Recipe Shared By Netizen: Easy To Make Muah Chee(Mochi) With Rice Cooker !

Still remember the recipe of Cooking fried rice with rice cooker which was shared by the “Rice cooker man”, Leslie Koh?! Now he’s back with a viral recipe!

Netizen Shared Recipe: Cook Fried Rice Using Rice Cooker !

A Singaporean Netizen, Leslie Koh recently shared his new “rice cooker recipe” on Facebook and went viral with 18.8k shares just within a day!

What makes the recipe so special?! It’s our favourite traditional food and full of childhood memories: Mochi with peanuts (also called Muah Chee in Southeast Asia) !

In the post, Leslie shared how to make Muah Chee using a rice cooker, so easy and there’s no doubt that everyone can make it! Let’s check this out now!

▼ The essential ingredients: A pack of glutinous rice floor and ground peanut powder.

▼ Step 1:Pour 2 cups of rice flour into a bowl.

▼ Step 2:Add 2 cups of water into the bowl with rice flour.

▼ Step 3:Stir well until there is no lumps.

▼ Step 4:Coat the whole pot with a thin layer of oil.

▼ Step 5:Then pour the mixture into the rice cooker.

▼ Step 6:Start using the cook mode and check in at 3 minutes.

▼ Step 7:Stir it with a rice spoon and continue to cook for another 3 minutes.

▼ Step 8:After 3 minutes, stir again and cook it for another 3 minutes.

▼ Step 9:Repeat the step again and again until the mixture becomes this state.

▼ Step 10:Check whether it is cooked through or not.

▼ Step 11:Add in 1 teaspoon of sesame oil.

▼ Step 12:Pour out half of the peanut powder on a plate.

▼ Step 13:Add 1 teaspoon of sugar.

▼ Step 14:Mix the sugar and the peanut powder.

▼ Step 15:Cut out the amount that you’re going to eat.

▼ Step 16:Cut it into small pieces and toss around the peanut powder which is mixed with sugar.

The chewy and tasty “rice cooker Muah Chee” is done! Since we are staying at home everyday, why don’t have a try?!

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Source: Facebook