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The Doctor Saw His Son For The First Time In More Than a Week Through A Glass Door

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Alyssa Burks, wife of Dr. Jared Burks who’s been on the front lines battling the coronavirus pandemic posted a heart-wrenching photo of her husband and her one-year-old boy having a moment through a glass door, each one putting their hands on it. That picture was shared more than 74,000 times on Facebook.

“Look who we finally got to see today! Not going to pretend that I didn’t bawl like a baby when he left to go back to work. We miss him, but we are doing what we have to do. 😢❤️” she wrote last week.

“Count your blessings,” she added. “That’s what’s getting us through this!”

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“He is working right now in a rotation that has him all over the hospital, including the ER, and he just felt like it would be responsible for us to quarantine from each other,” his wife, Alyssa Burks, said.

She also said right before the photo, he saw his son crawl for the first time.

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“As soon as he saw his dad he just raced to the door,” Alyssa said. “He got up on the glass because I think he wanted him to hold him, so it was sad, it was cute, but it was really heartbreaking because it’s hard.”

The Burks, and many other medical families, don’t know when they’ll be reunited. But they do know that if Jared is going to be home to see his son take his first steps, it’s going to take everyone’s help.

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“The more we stay home, the less likely we are to spread it and the less likely they are to be affected by it as well,” Alyssa said. “And we need them.”

A reminder to all of us about the sacrifices healthcare workers are making while on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. Please # StayAtHome, Let’s #BeatCovid-19.

Source : CBS News | Facebook