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Tokyo’s Airport Becomes Cardboard Box Hotel For Passengers Waiting Covid-19 Test Results

According to Forbes, Japan’s Narita airport’s has a temporary set up which looks like “cardboard box hotel” in the baggage claim area. This particular area provides a waiting area for international passengers with pending Covid-19 test results.

Passengers are not allowed to use public transport, nor taxis. So, those who cannot be picked up by family and friends in private car typically have to stay for one to two days, until their test results are out.

All passengers that return from the following regions are subjected to “strengthened quarantine”, according to the Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Credit : Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

On Apr 11, Japan recorded a daily high of 743 new cases, bringing their total number of reported cases to 6,923 and 145 reported death.

In Tokyo alone, there are almost 2,000 cases of Covid-19, with almost 200 infections as of Apr 11.

Netizen @wasabi1094 tweeted ,

“Sleeping here today. Cant get out of airport until test results come out.”

Credit : @wasabi1094 blog

The bed frames are made of cardboard. The beds are lined with mattresses (futons), which costs around 15,000 yen (RM 600) each he said.

The design has been used during disasters such as earthquakes, when people needed to be housed elsewhere temporarily.

Credit : @wasabi1094 blog

He was also been given some food while waiting for the results.

The cardboard beds have a futon that is “pretty good,” according to review from Wasabi who arrived at Narita on an All Nippon Airways flight from Vietnam. The passenger spent one day at the makeshift waiting location.

Source : Forbes | @wasabi1094 Blog