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What?! Hyun Bin is ” Not Handsome” in North Korea

Imagine you are the one in Hyun Bin’s arm.. OMG .. I will scream till drop..

Credit: Swoon

Hyun Bin, 37-year-old, is a well-loved heart-throb in South Korea. If you watch his latest K-drama ” Crash Landing On You” you will definitely fall in love with him.

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He plays North Korean Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok, in which his character falls for a South Korean heiress played by Son Ye-jin.

However, according to a North Korean defector, Hyun Bin actually falls far below North Korea’s standards. What?!!! Hyun Bin is not handsome?!!!

What is the reason? why?!! Simply because Hyun Bin does not have a pot belly.

Credit : Koreaboo ( Park Yoo Sung)

North Korean defector Park Yoo Sung said in a video posted on his North Korean Man YouTube channel late last month: “For North Korean men, having a big frame is associated with beauty. People who are skinny like me are treated worse than dogs. It’s a bit suspicious that a North Korean would say Hyun Bin is handsome.”

Park explained that large bellies are a sign of affluence, which is why men with bigger bellies often command more respect and receive more admiration.

Credit : The Star ( Ma Dong-Seok)

He said another South Korean actor, Ma Dong-seok, 49, is known for his role as tough-guy Sang-Hwa in the 2016 zombie movie, Train To Busan.

“Someone like Ma Dong Seok who’s on the bigger side is much more popular to North Koreans.”

Unsurprisingly, Park’s comments have been a jaw-dropping revelation to some and have led to some humorous responses online.

One netizen said: “I guess I would be royalty in North Korea then.”

Another wrote: “Imagine if Hyun Bin was replaced with Ma Dong-seok in Crash Landing On You.”

Source : The Star