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【Video】Boy Weep With Joy After Mom Surprises Him with First McDonald’s Since Lockdown Had Gained McD Attention !

Photos credit to facebook

It was a heartwarming moment when a 9 years old autistic boy broke down in tears after his mom surprise him with his favourite McDonald’s meal for the very first time in months since Singapore lockdown.

The video went viral and garned 2000 Like and 1600 shared since she uploaded the video.

The video begins with his mom, Wati sat in the car filming: “Hello guys, am here to get McD for Adam, is a surprise!”.

McDonald’s had announced its temporary closure earlier in April due to the CB (Circuit Breaker) and the business resumed on 11 May in Singapore. Adam Mothers, Wati wanted to gave her son a surprise as McD meal are her son all time favorite ! She started to film a short video.

She even brought along a red plastic to hide the McD so the kid wont suspect anything.

Once arrived at the house, she leads Adam into the kitchen where the food is spread out on the table.

Adam though that his mom may playing a prank, he started to screaming and running in the house. Wati quickly assure him and giving him a big hug saying “I want to surprise you! Look, what’s it?”

“McDonald’s ~~~” Adam cried in tears.

In another clip, Adam is then seen eating his Chicken McNuggets quietly.

At one point he puts one of the nuggets up to his face as if to hug it ! Awh…so cute~~ 

The mother later explain that Mcnuggets and ice-cream was Adam’s favourites meal, his “overreaction” was caused by his sensory sensitivity and mild autism.

Since the video when viral, McDonald’s heard them! 

McDonald’s gave Adam a BIG treat during this Hari Raya! The family even shared the goodies with their neighbor too.

Cute little Adam express his Thank you to McD and all those who follow his video.

As Wati once said, “Let’s all be kind to one another. The world is already a crazy place. Spread love not hate.” Here’s wishing all our muslim friends and family, Selamat Hari Raya! Peace ✌🏽

Full Video:

This boy’s genuine reaction is enough to move everyone’s heart!

Source: facebook