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Another Hotel in Malacca Shut Down Due to Covid-19

Photos Credit to ramadaplazamelaka | agoda

Another hotel in Malacca is shutting down due to Covid-19.

Sadly, The Emperor Hotel Melaka, situated in the heart of the city with 228-room is the next casualty of the pandemic.

Credit : NST

The property’s general manager Francis Lopez has notified the company’s customers and business associates in a letter that the Covid-19 outbreak last year, followed by the Movement Control Order (MCO) which was imposed since Mar 18, had impacted their business.

“As a result of this crisis, we are unable to sustain the business operations any further and the business is no longer viable, ” Lopez said in a letter dated May 12.

“Regretfully, we are left with no other alternatives but to close for business indefinitely,” he added.

However, there is no indication on the exact date of the hotel’s closure.

Not long ago, it was reported that G-City Club Hotel, Ramada Plaza Hotel And Ipoh’s Syeun Hotel shutters operations due to Covid-19 Crisis.

Source : NST