Bride And Groom Cancelled Their Grand Wedding And Help The Needy Instead

I believe that weddings are important especially to women. However there are many couples all over the world who planned their weddings within these few months are forced to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Darshana Kumara Wijenarayana and his fiance, Pawani Rasanga are from Malimbada, a small town about 160 km south of the capital Colombo, Sri Lanka. Just like other couples, they had planned their grand wedding for months.

“By that time, we had made all the arrangements. Clothes, rings and cakes had been ordered. The reception hall was booked. We had planned to invite 250 guests, ” said Darshana.

Their family and friends urged them to postpone their wedding date but they have changed their mind instead of postpone the wedding date, they thought of another way to celebrate their wedding day by feeding the poor.

The ongoing curfew in Sri Lanka has curbed the spread of the virus, but also dealt a severe blow because too many of them who survive on a daily wage.

Darshana, the 30-year-old owner of a small retail shop, and Pawani, 25, a lab assistant at a state-run school, wanted to share their love with some of their neighbours who are in need on their wedding day.

Source: AP/Youtube

After registering the marriage and having a simple celebration with their close family and friends, they went out and delivered plastic bags of goods to every home, some even built of uneven wooden planks on mud floors.

The women and their children beamed at the bride when they received the distributions from the bride. They were grateful and wished the couple blessings for a happy married life.

Darshana and Pawani gave some new toy cars to the children and they even offered a few slices of their wedding cake. Lastly, they applied hand sanitizer and moved on to the next home.

“By doing this, we got a great satisfaction,” Darshana said. “When you see the happiness on the face of these people, especially the kids… you see…. I don’t have words to explain that happiness.”

Source: AP News