Education Minister: Only 17 Students Maximum Are Allowed In Each Class When Schools Reopen

There will be only 17 students are allowed in a class for maintaining social distancing once schools are announced to be reopen, said our Education Minister Senator Mohd Radzi Jidin during a special interview on TV3 during its ‘Soal Rakyat’ programme recently.

Source: Berita Harian

According to the report of Berita Harian, to ensure social distancing implemented effectively in schools, the senior minister has conducted field trials to determine the suitable number of students in each class depends on the size of the classroom.

“In the past, each classroom could have 35 students but in the new phase, it should be reduced for social distancing. The most are 16 to 17 students and for the schools which have bigger classes, the total number could reach 20 students, ” he said.

Source: Twitter

“Before the students are permitted to return to school, The ministry has been considering a few of options and keep seeking advice from the Health Ministry to ensure that the students’ safety will not be compromised. “

Concerning the school canteens, he said, “Food will only allowed to be packed. We have a guideline for the canteens which involves when and where the students can have their meals. “

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In addition, Mohd Radzi said that the ministry will ensure the SOP was fully adhered when schools are reopened for Form Five and Form Six students, who are sitting for their national examinations.

Hopefully the pandemic will end soon! Everyone, please continue to stay at home and don’t forget to wear masks when you are out! 

Source: New Straits Times | Malay Mail | Berita Harian