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Exclusive Online Tour : Japan’s Must-Go Destination Ghibli Museum

Photos credit to kkday

Ghibli Museum is know for being one of the must-go destinations for anyone visiting Japan. Admission tickets to the Ghibli Museum are usually high in demand, and you can only enter through advance bookings during specific time slots.

Credit : Itinari

However, most of us are now ban to travel due to Covid-19 pandemic. The museum as well is temporarily closed because of the lockdown.

Good news to the Ghibli fans out there! The museum has recently opened up a brand new Youtube channel for fans to view the museum. This is definitely a rare chance for everyone to take a sneak peek inside the museum.

Credit : Pinterest

You’ll be led through some of the museum most interesting parts, from installation room to artwork and even the museum at night.

Enjoy watching!

▼ Volume 1:

▼ Volume 2:

▼ Volume 3:

Source : Time Out