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Honest Foodpanda Rider go Extra Mile Sending Lost Parcel to the Owner’s Doorstep

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A Foodpanda rider who go extra mile beyond his duty earns praise and respect from netizens. He was sending the lost parcel spotted on the road to the owner.

Credit : Facebook

Farah shared the faith-restoring incident on Facebook which took place last week when a food delivery rider sent the package to her doorstep.

“The Foodpanda rider called and delivered the item to my doorstep. He’s such a good person, may he be blessed,” Farah wrote in a Bentong residents’ group.

She even tried to reward him with a token fee but he refused.

Farah later on updated her post saying that the courier service rider contacted her to explain he had accidentally dropped her parcel and apologised for the oversight.

When the Foodpanda rider Muhamad Shabri was contacted by media, he said didn’t expect the incident to go viral and was worried it would jeopardise the courier company’s reputation.

Credit : Facebook

“I wanted to help sincerely, no ulterior motives, just to deliver the item,” he told the media.

Shabri spotted the parcel when he is fulfilling his delivery orders. After noticing the receiver’s address which wasn’t too far away from his work’s main centre, he figured it was a good idea to deliver the package seeing that the courier company’s office was much further away.

However, when he arrived no one was at home so he left Farah a message, to ask her to return call within an hour or he will hand the item to the courier company because he don’t want to hold someone else’s item for too long.

Credit : Facebook

Farah rang him not too long after and asked him to resend the parcel. He was relieved he because he managed to hand over the missing parcel to its rightful owner and Farah wanted to reward him but he said no.

“Maybe she felt bad because I went back and forth but my intention was sincere. I’ve ordered things online and I know the feeling of waiting anxiously for the items to arrive, so I put myself in her shoes,” Shabri, the father of four said.

Farah’s post has since garnered 1,300 reactions and hundreds of comments from netizens praising Shabri for his honesty.

Source : Malay Mail