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Leather Goods Turned Mouldy After Nearly 2 Months of MCO

Photos credit to Facebook

Our Prime Minister just announced that Conditional movement control order (CMCO) will be extended until June 9. Under CMCO, Shopping mall are allowed to open but under a strict SOP including monitor walk-in customer body temperature, safe distancing in payment counter and so on.

However, after nearly two months of MCO, things are not looking great for some shopping malls. Not only has business takings fallen to zero, but the goods in the departmental store turned mouldy.

Credit : Facebook

A Facebook post shared by a Malaysian on May 10 with a caption ” Can open shop also no point…goods all damaged after being left in shop for 2 months…😥”

The photos showed the extent of fungal growth on some leather or faux-leather products in departmental store that has not seen patrons for close to 2 months now.

Some bags and belts turned mouldy as a layer of white fungal substance appeared to grow and spread to occupy the entire leather or faux-leather merchandise.

The post went viral and garnered more than 10k likes and 43k shares.

Some netizens responses as follow:

But it has since transpired that the images are likely to have been taken from Metrojaya, Suria Sabah. However, some netizens denied the claim.

Source : Facebook