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Make Your Own Homemade Oreo Ice-Cream Roll With Only 4 Ingredients

Photos credit to: yackikuka (Instagram)

Hey there, If you love cookies and cream desserts, you will definitely adore this  Oreo treat !

Today we are going to share with you, a quick and easy recipe which made with just four ingredients.It’s definitely the ultimate cookies and cream dessert~

Are you ready for this?

Basically we only need these 4 ingredients :

  • Ice + water (500mL)
  • Whipped Cream (200g)
  • Oreo (2 packets)
  • Condensed Milk (as desired)

Step 1: Add in some ice water, follow by whipped cream

Step 2: Mix until it become creamy

Step 3: Add in the condensed milk and mix them all well

Step 4: Prepare 2 packets of Oreo & separate the Oreo fillings and add them into the mixture

Step 5: Place the Oreo cookies into a plastic bag

Step 6: Crush the cookies until they become crumbs

Step 6: Pour half of the crumbs into the mixture and mix it well

Step 7: Place the mixture into a Pringles bottles (you will need to clean the bottles at first place) or any clean cylinder container you may find in your house. Right after you fill in the mixture, place the bottles in the freezer.

Step 8: Crush the Oreo again until they become finer crumbs

Step 9: After some time, the ice cream are ready. Take out the ready ice cream roll from the Pringles bottles.

Step 10: Place the ice cream roll onto the Oreo crumbs which you prepared just now, make sure the ice cream stick with the crumbs.

Step 11: Cut the ice cream roll into several pieces as desired

And they are ready to serve !

You may also add on an ice cream stick on it.

Ta~Da~~~~ Homemade Oreo Ice cream is done ! As simple as that !

I bet You’re going to love today’s recipe, it’s not only easy but ridiculously DELICIOUS !! Trust me, this Oreo Ice-cream is everything ~

You may check on Yackikuka’s video here !

Source: yackikuka (Instagram)