Malaysian Couple Share Cooking Videos And Become YouTuber With 424K Subscribers In Just 4 Months

Most of us couldn’t go to schools or offices during the past 2 months of Movement Control Order, therefore we learnt cooking and baking at home everyday by following the steps from Facebook or YouTube videos.

A Malaysian couple started sharing their cooking videos on YouTube since January. And without their expects, their channel has become a hit among Malaysians in just a few months.

Pavithra, a 28-year-old housewife, and her husband Sugu, a 29-year-old estate worker, are from Sungai Siput, Perak.

In an interview with Bernama, Pavithra shared that she started uploading their cooking videos on YouTube since her friend who was already a YouTuber suggested her.

“My first menu was grilled tilapia and I spoke in Malay language throughout the video. In just four days, I managed to get 5,000 subscribers on my channel and then I received an e-mail from YouTube to become its partner,” said Pavithra.

Until now, their Youtube channel had garnered over 424,000 subscribers and Pavithra was motivated to create more interesting materials.

The population of their videos had made them to become a YouTube Partner and receive income in US dollars every month.

“I can speak in Malay language fluently so why can’t I use it for my videos? If I speak in Tamil, not everyone will understand. By using Malay language, many Malaysians can watch and understand. “

“The most interesting and motivating part is when many viewers left positive comments and asked us to continue doing this. Some of them also requested Indian recipes, which is really exciting,” she said.

▼ One of their video which is chicken curry recipe, has garnered 1.4 million views in a month.

Pavithra added that she and her husband like sharing simple recipes such as stir-fried eggplant with shrimp paste, stir-fried water spinach and ‘kuih ketayap because the needed ingredients are just the regular items which available in most homes and more people can get benefits from them.

She said that she never stopped cooking even though she only had a wok, a spatula and two pots and a rice cooker in her kitchen.

Pavithra also mentioned that she did not have a tripod to mount her phone while shooting videos, but she used a cup and put them onto a stable surface instead. When it was her turn to cook, her husband would assist her to shoot the videos.

“But when my husband was cooking, it was me who would explain the ingredients and cooking steps because he is bashful,” said Pavithra.

She said that as a housewife, she takes care of their children at home and only edit their cooking videos after the children fell asleep.

The couple said they were still in a distance from becoming celebrities but they will continue at experimenting more recipes and hope that their subscribers will try the recipes that they shared on their Youtube channel.

Source: Youtube | Bernama