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Malaysian Family’s Pet Dog Sacrificed Life To Protect Owners After Fighting Poisonous Snake

Some people say If you want someone to love you forever, get a dog, feed it and keep it around you. There is no faith which has never been broken yet, except that of a truly faithful dog. They could even risk their lives to protect their owner without hesitating and they deserve our love indeed!

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Last week, there’s a family in Kuching, Sarawak sadly lost their lovely pet all of a moment and shared the touching story on Facebook. For the reason of protecting the family from danger, the dog sacrificed its life after fighting a poisonous snake which attempted to enter the house.

The original post: 

Yesterday was a historical day to my whole family and I as we lost our most precious one and only beloved dog. Just a local breed one but he meant so much to us.

Many people claimed him as a very aggressive dog but yesterday he saved us but unfortunately we couldn’t save him after he found a deadly poison snake in our dining room. He fought till the snake died and quickly moved over to our car porch and took his final breath.

It was so heartbreaking for us to witness the scene and to pull him out of the area seemed almost impossible as he will never backed off.

Truly our best dog ever. You will be forever in our heart Chiko. Till we meet again in a better place.

“Goodbye and rest in peace Chiko”

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