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McDonald’s Theme Home Design for McD Lovers !

Photos credit to FIF Singapore

“How much do you love McDonald’s?”

Credit: mcdonalds

This is the question throw out by an interior design company FIF Singapore, where they recently designed a McDonald’s Theme home for their client !

Yes, you heard me right, the company did designed a look alike McD restaurant features, combine with modern home design ideas. Let’s see how’s the outcome !

Living Room: One word —“WOW” ! The iconic “M” is so obvious, you definitely notice it  when you walk into the living room.

The colors combination are basically based on McD signature yellow and red color scheme.

Hmm….It somehow looks comforting~~

Kitchen & Dining Room: There’s list of ingredients on the wall which really give you the McD feels.

The high stool and long seat stimulate the McD restaurant too !

“a cup of coffee please !” 

▼Is a brand new idea for home-interior design

▼Some prefer others ‘brand’ design !

▼maybe some EXTRA income for the owners?

▼And ya, where’s our favorite ice-cream kiosk ? LOL

▼Hopefully there will be no issue creep on to that particular owner~

Anyway, this McD concept house would make you feel like McDonald’s every day! If you can’t dine in at McD, turn your home into it !

Maybe we can have a KFC themed for next? who knows !

Source: FIF Singapore