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New In : Can Dine-In Restaurants But With Conditions

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Table distancing, social distancing, registration of customer contact details, scanning of body temperature and face masks for workers will be the new norms for dine-ins under the conditional movement control order (MCO).

In a Labour Day speech on Friday (May 1),PM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said all food and beverage outlets can now open for dine-ins provided they strictly follow conditions set by the authorities under the conditional MCO from May 4. However, he said it’s better not to dine-in.

Credit: The Star

Again, he is using an example Pak Salleh can reopen his restaurant on May 4, so, in the next two days, he can start cleaning his restaurant, wash his cutlery and cooking pots and other cooking utensils, arrange the tables and chairs and buy his raw ingredients.

Make sure the tables are set 2 metres apart. It is important for a space wide enough to allow the customers and workers to move and there is safe space to allow customers to eat safely.

Pak Salleh can put notices on each table whether it is for one, two or three persons, depending on the size of the table which up to Pak Salleh to decide.

Credit : The Star

There must also be social distancing at payment counters, as well as hand sanitisers and table disinfectants. Pak Salleh need to check the temperature of the customers before they are allowed to enter.

Take down the name and phone number of the customers and record the time and date of their visit to the restaurant. This is important to allow tracing if there is a Covid-19 positive case involving customers.

Anyhow, the pandemic is not over yet. Please be extra careful when you head out, practise good personal hygiene and social distancing is crucial!

Source : The Star