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North Korean Defector Said Kim Jong-un Is With His ” Pleasure Squad” When He Is Out Of The Public Eye

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North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, rumoured for weeks to be deathly ill or even dead, has made his first public appearance after 20 days missing in action.

The South’s Yonhap News Agency reported that Kim attended a Saturday morning ceremony for the completion of a fertilizer plant in Suncheon, South Pyongyang Province.

Credit : Reuters

The North’s official Korean Central News Agency also said Kim attended the ceremony with other senior officials, including his sister, Kim Yo-jong, who many analysts predicted would take over if her brother is suddenly unable to rule.

He was last seen on Apr 11 presiding over a political bureau meeting of the ruling Workers Party. Since then, he missed events commemorating the 108th birthday of his grandfather Kim Il-sung, on Apr 15, sparking the speculation about his well-being.

Credit : Twitter

However, North Koren defector, Yeonmi Park- Author of “In Order To Live, A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom” said in Twitter according to her source, Kim Jong-un is just staying away from Pyongyang over fears of contracting coronavirus. Despite of lying , there is zero-case but it’s actually spreading uncontrollably in North Korea.

On May 2, She tweeted again with a message ” As i said, Kim Jong Un will come back alive and prove the media and so called experts how they all have been wrong.”

And when was staying away, he was accompany by his “Pleasure Squad” of secret sex entertainers. Some members of the Pleasure Squad are said to have been as young as 13 when they were taken out of school and forced into sex work.

Credit : China Press

Yeonmi Park sadly said that ” These innocent women are sexual slaves to Kim dictators and they lives without dignity. They are modern day ” comfort women” . It disgusts me as a Korean and woman to see how these girls being treated.”

She also attached a video of these modern day ” comfort women”, however, those media include some potentially sensitive content. If you wish to view those content, please click on the following link: Yeonmi Park Twitter content

Source : Twitter | China Press | The Sun