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Singaporean Student Gives Away Meals To The Needy During Ramadan Of Circuit Breaker

Due to Covid-19 pandemic,  the mosques in Malaysia and Singapore are temporarily closed and Muslims is embracing a slightly different fasting month this year. In these grim times, have you ever think of the people who hardly put a meal on their table?

Source: thejakartapost

According to a video from Berita Mediacorp recently, a Singaporean student Ruzaini Syazwan shows his concerns and help the homeless during this Ramadan of circuit breaker.

“Since all the mosques are closed in this period, I started worrying about the people who usually depends on the mosques for their “sahur”(pre-dawn) and “iftar”(breakfast) meals. That’s why I decided to begin my own initiative, “ he said.

Besides the 20 homeless who already received the free meals, Ruzaini had also given away the meals to the 30 non-Muslims in Ramadan.

Ruzaini said, “it doesn’t matter that how big of the difference you make, yet the most important is taking the first step. Everything else will fall into place once you take that first step. “

Ruzaini mentioned that he is a full-time student, he has online classes every Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. After the classes, he rushes to make distributions for the “iftar” meals before breaking the fast.

After returning home to rest for a few hours, Ruzaini started to deliver the free “sahur” meals from 2:30am to 3:00am.

Therefore, the initiative takes him a lot of energy and physical strength.

▼ Ruzaini shared a post on Facebook yesterday saying that they have managed to distribute a total of 250 meals thus far.

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Source: Berita Mediacorp