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Syed Saddiq Reveals That Minister’s Monthly Salary RM55,000 And Allowances Up To RM187,700

Our former Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq lodged a police report after RM250,000 was stolen from his house in March. Since then, he was accused of taking bribe money and corruption allegations.

Source: glbnews

To explain the source of income while he was still a minister, Syed Saddiq recently decided to wrote a post on his Facebook which talked about ministers’ monthly salaries and also allowances.

“Until now, I don’t understand why some of the ministers still need to take bribes. High salary, high allowance, and it isn’t including the one-off payments received,” he said in the statement.

Source: freemalaysiatoday

Syed Saddiq listed out the total of monthly salary and allowances as a minister just as below:

  • Minister’s monthly income + parliament member (excluding additional incentives) – RM55,000
  • Annual vacation (Allowance) – RM70,000
  • Daily food and drinks (Allowance) – RM180
  • House moving – RM10,000

One-off payments:

  • Dining sets(pinggan & mangkuk) – RM42,000
  • After being dismissed as minister – RM150,000
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It’s up to RM187,700 yearly if we calculate all the claims! 

After Syed Saddiq had shown his transparency about his earnings, it took a lot of discussions among the public. Many netizens praised for his bravery but some felt disappointed with the disparity of earning between ministers and the people.

Source: Free Malaysia Today