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[Video] Bizarre Scene! Helicopter Pilot Lands at a Petrol Station to Fill Up His Tank

Photos credit to Youtube

This is the strange moment a man lands his private helicopter at a petrol station to fill up on gas before paying and flying off.

Credit : Daily Mail

Mobile phone footage of the bizarre scene shows stunned customers looking on as the pilot lands and then pushes his chopper to a petrol pump at the station in the town of Garwolin in Poland. The video has now gone viral since being posted on social media with over 320,000 views.

After filling the tank he then pays ‘as if nothing had happened’ before another video shows him climbing into the cockpit and taking off.

Credit : Daily Mail

One customer who witnessed the extraordinary scenes told local TV broadcaster: ‘I have seen many things in my life, but to land a helicopter at the petrol station…you have to be a really good pilot to do such a thing.’

The video has now been flooded with comments with people asking if the pilot also bought a hotdog or was collecting points for his fuel card.

Credit: Daily Mail

One viewer calling himself dr0pSu said: ‘We have it! GTA 6 official trailer. It’s not Los Santos or Liberty City anymore, it’s time for Garwolin City.

Another called Mariano 96 quipped: ‘Perhaps the petrol is cheaper in Garwolin.’

While someone calling themselves sdd commented: ‘He should lose his pilot’s licence!!!’

Check out the video:

Police say they are now looking into the matter. Spokesman Marek Kapusta told media: ‘We are conducting an investigation under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office.

‘It was not difficult to track him down, because he took an invoice from the gas station, i.e. he gave his details.’

Source : China Press