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[Video] Toyota Pick-up Truck Attempts to Ram Shoppers& Traders at Ramadan Bazaar

Videos of a Toyota pick-up truck attempting to ram into shoppers and traders at a Ramadan bazaar in Hulu Selangor have gone viral.

Several clips shared in social media show chaotic scenes as the pick-up truck first makes a dash towards a stall, amid screams from members of the public.

Credit : China Press

The truck then reverses at high speed, appearing to hit at least one person.

Several Rela personnel and bystanders can be seen hitting the truck with objects in an apparent attempt to stop it.

The truck then drives in circles before fleeing the area.

Credit : China Press

According to China Press, the driver of the pick-up truck has been arrested and is being held at the Bukit Sentosa police station. The case is currently under investigation and police urged public against speculating or spreading rumours.

Check out the video:

Source : China Press