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[Video]14-Year-Old Boy Predicted Covid-19 Says It’ll End On 29 May 2020

Meet 14-year-old Abhigya Anand from India, he is not a ordinary 14-year-old schoolboy like what we thought but he probably the world’s youngest astrologer.

Credit : Youtube

Way back in August 2019, he uploaded a video on his channel, titled ‘SEVERE DANGER TO THE WORLD FROM NOV 2019 TO APRIL 2020’.

Turns out, Abhigya accurately predicted what happen right now, the Covid-19 pandemic with global cases surpassed 4.7 million and 314,950 total deaths.

Credit : KKM

Strange enough, he got few things that match with current situation:

1. while not directly referring to the virus – Abhigya said that China “would be badly affected” due to planetary alignments and an unlucky lunar eclipse causing a rise in global tensions, which would peak on 31st March.

2. On that note, he shared that “rich” countries would go on to take a huge hit economically – an unnerving foreshadowing of the coming economy recession.

In a new video that that he uploaded on Mar 26, with more than 3 million views. Abhigya reviewed the global Covid-19 situation and explained why the planets aligning had a part to play in this.

Credit : Youtube

31st March was predicted to be the climax of crisis because “Mars will conjunct with Saturn and Jupiter, while the Moon and Rahu will also conjunct.”

In Hindu astrology, Rahu is one of the nine major astronomical bodies, described as a “shadow entity” that causes eclipses. Astrologers believe that this, paired with the alignment of such powerful planets like Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn, are said to have huge effects on Earth.

Credit : Youtube

However, there is also some good news. Abhigya stated that the planetary axis will be broken on 29th May, bringing back order to the world. We can only hope this means  slowing down of the spread of the deadly virus, or scientists manage to develop a vaccine for it.

He did reassure viewers that there are “solutions for everything”, though people would need to put in a lot of effort into finding them.

Needless to say, netizens are shocked and amuzed by his predictions.

Check the full video titled “SEVERE DANGER TO THE WORLD FROM NOV 2019 TO APRIL 2020” here:

Check out the video he uploaded on Mar 26 :

Is this a coincidence? conspiracy? or really something that the planets have been planning along? For that, we really don’t know but whatever it is, fingers crossed that May 29 is really the end of this Covid-19 world tour that nobody asked for.

Source : Youtube