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[Video]Japanese Experiment Shows How Covid-19 Can Spread in Restaurants & Gatherings

Photos credit to gourmetbangkok | Youtube

Japan’s national broadcaster NHK has conducted an 30 minutes experiment that successfully demonstrates how Covid-19 can easily spread in restaurants and gatherings. The video was shared on social media and has been going viral.

In the wake of several Japanese cruise ships becoming hotbeds for Covid-19 infection, NHK teamed up with infectious disease experts to map the spread of the virus in crowded eating locations such as restaurants or cruise ships.

The experimenters chose ten participants who were asked to pick and eat food from a buffet line which included several food items and beverages. One of the participants ( played an infected Covid-19 patient), was given fluorescent paint on his palm which can only be visible in the dark.

The person was asked to mingle with the others. At the end of experiment,  light was turned off to trace the trajectory of the fluorescent paint during the course of the meal. They found that bits of the paint on all the participants, and 3 participants even with paint on their face, as well on several cutlery on the buffet table.

The experiment is meant to display the rapid and inevitable transmission of coronavirus in crowded locations when an infected person is part of the crowd.

However, they also did another experiment with some precaution measures taken, for example, restaurant servant change the shared cutlery on buffet table frequently and participants wash hand frequently.

At the end of experiment, they found bits of paint on some of the participants’ hand. No paint on paticipants’ face. Which also mean, wash hand frequently and maintain personal hygiene helps to reduce the possibility of transmission.

Check out the video:

Source : China Press | Youtube