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[Viral Video] Wheelchair Moving on its Own at Night in Thai Hospital

Photos credit to voanews | skynews

This is the supernatural moment CCTV footage at Udon Thani hospital in Thailand captures a wheelchair eerily moving by itself outside the front entrance on May 23.

Mr. Thanasak Pakdeenuan, the director of the hospital, shared with The Thaiger that he saw this empty wheelchair parked in front of an emergency room and was curious as to why it was there.

Credit : The Thaiger

He then checked the CCTV footage with the hospital staff and were in shock after seeing what was going on.

Guess what, The director also added that the wheelchair was donated after its previous owner had passed away. Spooky!

However,  Mr. Pakdeenuan felt that it could have been caused by strong winds as it was raining that night.

If you love spooky stories, take a look at this viral video:

Source:China Press | The Thaiger