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While Waiting for Olympics, Japanese Athlete Works as Uber Eats Rider For Money & Fitness During Covid-19 Period

Photos credit to asahi | straitstimes

Japanese fencer Ryo Miyake was in the process of qualifying for the Olympics.  However, due to the Covid-19 outbreak Olympics was postponed to 2021.

Credit : Reuters

The 29-year-old, who won a silver medal during the 2012 Olympics, told Reuters that he is rejecting sponsorship money and work as a Uber Eats rider instead.

“I thought it was a little impudent to receive support in such a situation, so I told them (sponsors) to hold (sponsorship) for the time being.”

With no access to a gym due to Covid-19 lockdown, Miyake said he was looking for a way to make money and maintain his fitness at the same time.

Credit : Reuters

Delivering food for Uber Eats on his bicycle fits the bill, and Miyake said he enjoyed the flexibility provided by the app as well as being able to work up a sweat while on the job. He was reportedly earning around 2,000 yen (RM81.30) a day.

He is also taking precautions as a delivery rider by doing contactless deliveries as recommended by the app and he said the only tome he have contact is when he picking up the food from the restaurant’s staff.

Credit : Reuters

Miyake is looking forward to train freely without any concerns with sparring partners again.

On Mar 24, it was announced that the Tokyo Olympics will be postponed for a year. Despite the delay, the games will still be called the ‘2020 Olympics’. It’s the first time Olympic been delayed in its 124-year of history.

Source : Reuters