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Woman Gains 18Kg After Maid Secretly Adds Steroids Into Her Porridge

A woman in Hong Kong gained 18kg in a short period of time after her Indonesian maid added steroids into her porridge.

Credit : Rotinrice

The woman, known as Mrs Chan hired a Indonesian maid in 2018 to help in household chores and prepare meals for her children. And last year, Mrs. Chan noticed something was amiss and she began to suffer water retention and gained 18kg.

After a medical check, her doctor said that she had hypercortisolism caused by excessive steroid intake. But she does not take steroids by herself. Thus, she suspected the maid had done something on her.

Credit : NST

After checking a CCTV, she found that her maid had been secretly adding the drug to her porridge. The maid later explained that she had done so as she wanted to help Mrs. Chan with a skin condition.

However, Mrs. Chan said that neither she nor her family members suffered from any skin diseases.

Credit : The Malaysian Times

The maid has since been charged in court with attempting to use harmful substances.

Source : The Star