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65-year-old Man Has Had Pizzas Delivery for Almost 10 Years Without Ordering Them

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Probably that could be the dream of many, but it has become a nightmare for Van Landeghem. For almost 10 years, the 65-year-old man has received pizzas at home, without ordering them.

“I can’t sleep anymore. I start to tremble every time I hear a motorcycle passing on the road,” he said in a statement to the Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws.

Credit : Indian Express

“I’m always afraid that someone will deliver hot pizzas again,” he says.

Initially, Van Landeghem he thought that someone would have been mistaken at the delivery address and that was the reason why he constantly received the pizzas at home.

However, after years of these mysterious deliveries, he realized that it would be something more unusual.

Credit : China Press

The pizzas, which are delivered day and night, are his true “terror”, he says. Sometimes in Jan 2019, the situation peaked when 10 different couriers appeared at his door, one of which brought 14 pizzas.

Although the situation is emotionally exhausting, is not Van Landeghem who pays for the pizzas, since they didn’t order them, which makes the situation difficult for restaurants.

The authorities are aware of the situation, but have not yet been able to identify who orders them.

Source : China Press