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Abandoned Teddy Bear In Trash Was Gradually Dressed With Clothes And Went Viral

We all loves Teddy Bear. Most of us had one at some point in our lives. Probably your mum still kept yours somewhere…

Here’s a heartwarming story happened on a Giant teddy bear plush toy and it went viral on social media recently. An abandoned giant teddy was in the trash of Shandong Zibo Qilu Medical College, China. Some kind passerby would gradually dressed him up and updated latest picture of him in social media.

According to the students of the medical school, before leaving for internship, many of them will donate their clothes and some unwanted stuffs to the recycling bin while spring cleaning their rooms. And, the giant teddy owner was believed to be one of them.

▼ At first, the bear was seen dumped on top of the recycling bin. Somehow, It wasn’t look so nice. So someone put him on the ground so he could “sit properly”.

▼ Another passerby seems worried giant teddy will catch a cold while staying outdoor so he was given a woven coat..

▼ Teddy was seen wearing his coat properly and sit leisurely like a real person.

▼ This pair of blue jeans definitely looks good on him!

▼ A pink hair accessories to spice things up!

▼ How can teddy not abiding the law, right?! ( FYI, In China wearing a mask is mandatory in public places) Of course, he will put on a mask to reduce risk been infected by Covid-19.

▼ Not forgetting his shoes!

▼ Teddy is not lonely anymore, some sweet passerby gave him a new buddy!

Source: Weibo