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AirAsia to Retrench 333 Staff Amid Covid-19 Crisis

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Low-cost carrier AirAsia Group Bhd is expected to retrench 333 staff and personnel amid its efforts to downsize operations, according to anonymous sources.

Credit : Malay Mail

Those expected to be laid off include 111 cabin crew members, 172 pilots, and 50 engineers.The retrenchment was announced by AirAsia’s CEO Riad Asmat in a briefing to company staff yesterday.

A source told Astro Awani that those involved in the retrenchment scheme would be informed via e-mail within 24 hours, with the company promising compensation for them.

The source also said the CEO saying the situation faced by AirAsia is very difficult and  apologised to the crew, saying the company had no other choice that could be taken for the time being asides from organisational restructuring.

Credit : Newsroom AirAsia

Riad also reportedly could not guarantee how long it would take for AirAsia to return back to the way it was.

The retrenchment is said not only limited to AirAsia Berhad but also to other subsidiaries under the group.

On the other hand, long-haul carrier AirAsia X announced a reduction in its  workforce. Out of the the 32 aircrafts only 15 to 16 aircrafts will be in operation once international flights resume.

Credit : Nikkei Asian Review

The briefing also announced that bonuses and incentives will be abolished, but basic salaries and allowances for flights, sectors, and overnight stays, will be retained.

However, it remains uncertain as to whether there will be any salary cuts to the staff who will not be retrenched.

Source : Malay Mail