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Amazing Makeover For A 30-Year-Old House in Taiping!

How would a house that have been left for sometime without proper maintenance would look like?

Credit: Pinterest

Recently, there was a post that went viral about a house with an amazing makeover!

This house is a 30-year-old house from Taiping, Malaysia. It took around three to four months for its extreme makeover. The designer behind the charming revamp is Mr.Derrick Chua.

Let’s see its extremely charming makeover!

Credit: Pinterest.

Balcony area.

Credit: naibann

Bedroom area.

Credit: Twitter


Credit: Twitter

Elements like rattan furniture and tiles never get old because it gives that home feeling. Don’t you think so?

Credit: Twitter

Resting area.

Credit: home Deco Malaysia

The open-air courtyard on the side of the house which has been changed to a dipping pool looks so cool!

Credit: Twitter

Living room area.

Credit: home Deco Malaysia

Let’s see what people think about this amazing makeover!

Now, this house has been turned into a Airbnb! The Airbnb has four bedrooms which can accommodate up to 12 guests. It is centrally located in Taiping.

Credit: Twitter

You can check out Jiran 58’s Airbnb profile【here】to know more!

Info via: FB Jiran 58 Guesthouse