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An Airplane In A House In Cheras!

Have you guys ever see an airplane placed in front of a house entrance? Are you thinking of what I am thinking?

Credit: WearTv

A post on a Facebook page uploaded in 2013 accumulated more than 6k likes, 1k comments and 5k shares about the strange airplane in the entrance of a house in Cheras. If you live nearby Connaught neighbourhood, I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with this airplane in front the of entrance of the house!

Credit: FB Only In Connaught

An old airplane placed on top of a house entrance in Taman Connaught, Cheras recently went viral on social media and had people in awe.


If you pass by this house in Cheras, you will definitely slow down or stop just to admire the massive airplane in the entrance of a house.

Credit: FB Only In Connaught

In the post, many of them mentioned that they have seen the airplane for quite sometime!

▼ The airplane will be decorated with lights during festival days too!

One of the netizen who lives at the same neighbourhood shared the story behind the airplane placed in front of the entrance of the house!

▼ He said, “okay here is the story. That plane is a memento, now the lights are installed underneath, to be used as autogate lights. That plane, used to be the owner’s plane. Those day to own a plane is super rich. Then the market was bad. The airport was closed and he was reluctant to sell of the plane, so he decided to put the plane in his house. The plane is empty, and the chairs are all removed. Many things are gone. The plane is kept as a memory”.

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Info via: FB Only In Connaught