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Body of Businessman with “Dato Seri” Title Was Found After Been Kidnap on Jun 10

The body of a businessman with the “Datuk Seri” title was found this morning after he was reported kidnapped while jogging about two weeks back, based on the condition of the body, the victim was believed to be dead for 3 to 4 days, reported by FMT.

Credit : China Press

Police said the body was discovered at a clearing at the 27th mile Jalan Rawang Bestari Jaya, Rawang. The businessman, aged 55, had gone missing on Jun 10 while jogging at a park in Petaling Jaya at 10.30am.

The victim was then believed to be hidden in Taman Kosaso. According to the police initial investigations, the kidnappers had phoned and demanded a ransom of  S$50 million (RM154 million) from the victim’s family but no payment was made, reported by The Edge.

Police spoke person said they have arrested seven men including a Bangladeshi to assist in the investigation. The victim was also believed to be known to the mastermind, who is among the suspects in custody.

Credit : China Press

According to China Press,  the said businessman was a well known developer Dato Seri Arumugam.