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Cute and Purrfect! Grab Rider Brought His Cats During Work

Since we are in Movement Control Order (MCO), people who have pets would have a problem as they could not bring their pets out for a walk as frequently. Due to this reason, one user of twitter uploaded a tweet with a picture of a Grab rider with his cats on his motorcycle.

Credit: Twitter

This adorable tweet has garnered over 35K retweets and 55.8K likes. The reason why he brought his cats? “Just wanna bring them for a ride,” told the Grab rider to the twitter user when she asked him.

Credit: Twitter

Another Twitter user, who personally knows the Grab rider commented on her post,

“By the way, that is my friend’s cats. He doesn’t like to leave his cats at home. He said they will be lonely.”

Credit: Twitter

There is a lot of other people replied and commented under the tweet. Most of them are cute and hilarious.

Netizen’s response:

So cute..”

Certain cat does ask for a lot of things. My baby, since we live in the village, ask for a walk outside. The eyes would bulge when they see chickens.”

When you have to explain why you can’t bring them out

This one always get angry, ahboi the hot-tempered,”

Finding a friend,

I wanna follow too,”

This one is just hysterically funny,

I have a cat too. My cat, even, can produce mist,”

What do you think? Cat is a very comforting companion.

Sources: Twitter