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‘Dumbo Octopus’ is Filmed 7,000 meters Below Ocean Surface, Breaking Previous Record for Deepest Octopus Sighting Ever

Photos Credit to Lebanon-express

Researchers off the coast of Java have set a new record for the deepest ever encounter recorded with a ‘Dumbo octopus’.

Credit : Daily Mail

The record-setting event happened in the Java Trench at a depth of around 7000 meters (m) as part of the Five Deeps Expedition, a mission to travel to the deepest point in each of the world’s five major oceans.

The observation was made not by a human diver, but a remote operated vehicle ( ROV)  which designed to slowly descend to the sea floor while recording everything that passes in front of it.

Credit : Daily Mail

ROV recorded at the depth of 5760m and 6957m respectively, 2 dumbo octopus with length of 43cm and 35cm. Breaking the previous record (5145 m) for deepest octopus sighting ever.

According to Dr. Alan Jamieson, who helped organize the mission, the octopus sighting is testament to how resilient and adaptable the animals are, capable of surviving on 99% of the world’s seafloor.

Check out the video:

Source : Oriental Daily