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Errands Error! A Guy Hilarious Mistakes During Running Errand Because Of Pictures

Running errands for your family members is a typical thing that happens in a normal household. However, we sometimes do make mistakes in running the errands due to miscommunication. This one tweet shared a story of him, having miscommunication with his mother when buying prawns for her.

Credit: Runner’s World

The viral tweet has gained over 21.7K retweets and 27.7K likes on twitter. This priceless tweet entertained a lot of the netizens due to how relatable it is.

Credit: Twitter

The story starts with the mother, asking him to buy some prawns.

Credit: Twitter

He even asked for confirmation with the mother.

Credit: Twitter

But, he did not open the picture and end up buying the wrong one.

Credit: Twitter

▼Most of the netizens laugh at how comical the situation is.

▼Some of the netizens also leave some advice to the user.

▼Not only that, some user even shares what typical Malaysian mom would react to the situation.

▼However, some netizens did share some stories that are similar to the user.

▼ Some of the netizens even share what would prawn sounds like.

Next time just open the picture and don’t look it from the outside. It might be open for surprise picture.Be careful~

Sources: Twitter