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Genius! This Man Shares A Way To Stop Your Neighbours From Taking Your Herbs

Photo credit to Twitter

As we all know, gardening requires hard work and patience. However, when it finally pays off, it’s just worth it. You can have a lot of vegetables like herbs, tomato, and okra for fresh and free. You, even, can share with your other people all things that you grow.

Credit: Gardencenter

But sometimes people can be mannerless and just take any of your herbs or vegetables without your permission. Don’t get me wrong, sharing is caring but taking without permission is plain rude. This one user has a great way of stopping your rude neighbor from taking all your herbs without permission. How? By planting mannequin near your plants. This viral post has gotten over 12.2K retweets and 13.6K likes on Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Original Post:

This is perfect to burry near your plants like lemongrass, chili, Pandan leaves. So, during the night, there will be no neighbors to takes all the other people’s vegetables and plants.

Credit: Twitter

This scary yet hilarious idea has gotten the attention of the netizens due to its originality. Many people have commented on the post with their opinions regarding this matter.

Netizen’s responses:

Some of the netizens said that they will be the one who gets scared by those things

Some of them even gave an idea to make it scarier   

Credit: Twitter

Some of them added that the mannequin could cause the police to visit you and a trouble


There are also some netizens, asking the links or the shop for them to buy the things.

If you love creepy and scary things, this might be your choice for decoration in your garden! No need to wait for Halloween to make things scarier.

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