Grandmother Dies From Covid-19, Grandson Tries To Revive Her With Mouth-To-Mouth Breathing

Sadly, the most painful goodbyes are the ones that are left unsaid and never explained.

There’s a sad scene photographed in the entrance to the general hospital of Mexico City, went viral on the social media recently. Despite the risk of transmission, a young man tried to revive his grandmother who was dying from Covid-19 with mouth-to-mouth breathing.

According to reports, the young man decided to take her grandmother to the hospital for seeking medical care after noticing that she had double-breathing which is a symptom of Covid-19.

When the grandmother was waiting at the car park of the hospital, Her condition became worse and she seemed to be unconscious. The grandson quickly approached her and check her up. He was devastated and tried to resuscitate her by giving breath mouth-to-mouth.

After a few minutes, the hospital’s medical staff rushed to the scene and provided care of emergency to revive the grandmother. Sadly, it was unsuccessful and the doctors declared that she was died from Covid-19.

▼ As we can see from the photos, He broke into tears when his grandmother was confirmed death with no vital sign.

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Source: Life Truth / Facebook | EN24