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Handmade Dabao Earrings Sells Online And Food Hawker Lovers Should Have

Earrings are girls’ good friend(because our best friend are still Diamond..hehe), and one pair is definitely not enough. It’s a must to have a quirky, playful, and unique pair in your collection.

Since many countries have started loosen the lockdown restriction including eateries for dine-in, there’s a store in Singapore creatively selling this set of DaBao earrings online recently.

According to the introductions of Whoaa! online store, there are two options for the set of DaBao earrings. They are all handmade by using the real takeaway paper and plastic bag that makes you feel more realistic.

The brown paper packet with chopstick which named Mr DaBao weighs 3g and it is made of real takeaway paper, wooden chopstick and a rubber band.

The red plastic bag earrings, Mrs DaBao weighs 1g and it is made real plastic bag as well.

Each set of Mr and Mrs DaBao earrings costs only S$12.90 (RM39) and you can find them at  Whoaa’s online store if you are interested.

Dabao-style earrings are so cute and creative! Hopefully they are also available in Malaysia and I’m sure that Malaysians will definitely like it! 

Check out the video below:

Source: Whoaa.Store