Heartbroken Pet Owner Sees Her Pet Dog’s Face In Clouds Just Hours After It Passed Away

If you ever go through this, i’m sure you will agree with me that losing a pet can be painful.

A heartbroken pet owner who was mourning for the death of her pet in York, England, saw her pet dog’s face in the clouds just hours after it died.

Lucy Ledgeway, 19, had a 14-year-old Parson Russell Terrier named Susan and it had diabetes, and passed away after suffering a seizure in the arms of Lucy’s father on 20 June

Lucy was devastated for losing her pet and decided to go outside with her boyfriend to clear her haed. She sat in the seat where Sunny had died and unexpectedly, she saw the shape of her dog’s face looking down at her in the clouds when she looked up the sky.

She said: “It was so weird. I was thinking to myself that I wanted to see Sunny in the sky as a sign that she was OK.ย 

“I was crying my eyes out and I looked up in the sky and saw Sunny. I quickly took a photograph before the clouds moved and sent the picture to my mum, who also thought that the photo looked exactly like Sunny. It is crazy really.”

“After seeing Sunny in the sky I felt a warmth. It was her way of telling us that she is OK. ” the pet owner who spent 13 years with Sunny, Lucy said.

Scientists say we see faces in clouds and objects because the human brain is equipped to detect faces from birth, while others say it is because brains like to assign meaning to random images.

Lucy shared her story and the picture she took on social media and it had garnered 101,000 likes just in few days!

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Info Via: Twitter | Daily Mail