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Heartwarming! Uncle Being Swarmed By Stray Cats, Praised By Netizens

Stray cats are considered normal in our society and can be seen almost everywhere. Sometimes, it is hard for them to find food if they were left, wandered to places where they can’t find food easily. Especially during the pandemic, a lot of stray cats lost their sources for food as a lot of wet markets closed. This viral video of a Malaysian uncle cycled on his bicycle to feed cats and being swarmed by them, warmed the heart of the netizens.

Credit: Facebook

This video posted by a user regarding this kind uncle gained over 525.9K views, 40.5K retweets and 52.5K likes on Twitter.

Credit: Twitter

Then, there is also another user who shared the picture of the Uncle, thanking him for his kindness to the stray cats.

A lot of netizens responded to the tweet, thanking the uncle for showing kindness to the stray cats.

Netizen’s responses:

The cat that I cared at the house and outside of the house always come to eat at my kitchen door. If they heard people at the kitchen, they would cry for food

This is near Sungai Besar in front of a restaurant. That is why there were a lot of cats. This uncle is really nice,”

I remembered before, after Subuh prayer I would go to school. There is a cat waiting at the school square. The same thing happened in the video. The cat followed the cleaner aunty that always gave them food. May Allah Bless you,aunty

He is rich. Rich with soul,”

Hopefully, there will be more people to care about stray cats in the future.

Source: Twitter