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Hotels in Langkawi Received 1,000 Bookings Just a Few Hours After PM Announced RMCO

Just a few hours after PM Muhyiddin Yassin announced that the recovery MCO phase would be imposed from Jun 10 to Aug 31, where domestic and interstate travel allowed, hotels in Langkawi reported received 1,000 bookings.

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Astro Awani quoted Langkawi Tourism Association CEO Zainuddin Kadir as saying that the development marked a positive start to revival of the domestic tourism sector which has been badly hit by the pandemic.

“Between 4pm and 4.45pm today, we received 1,000 bookings in less than one hour.

“This is a record, all our hotels received (in total) 1,000 bookings from all the domestic tourists who wished to come to Langkawi,” he said.

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Zainuddin further said the association has set a target of attracting one million domestic tourists to Langkawi from June 10 to Dec 31.

However, he also said there were several matters which needed to be clarified, particularly on the use of hotel facilities. For example, family who go holidays with their children, are they allowed to use the pool? It’s not elaborated in PM announcement.

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“I will meet with the tourism minister personally to seek set guidelines,” he added.

Zainuddin said major tourist attractions including the Langkawi cable cars and theme park still remained closed to the public. But almost all businesses will resume with condition of compliance with set standard Covid-19 prevention procedures.

Here are some of the hotel list for your reference:

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❷ Alia Residence Business Resort 【Price start from RM72】【Click Here

❸ Chill Suites Langkawi 【Price start from RM77】【Click Here

❹ Greenish Hotel Langkawi 【Price start from RM81】【Click Here

❺  Lavigo Resort  【Price start from RM92】【Click Here

❻ The Royale Chenang Resort【Price start from RM128】【Click Here

❼ White Lodge Chalet 【Price start from RM122】【Click Here

❽ Berjaya Langkawi Resort【Price start from RM225】【Click Here

❾ The Ocean Residence Langkawi 【Price start from RM275】【Click Here

❿ Ambong Ambong Langkawi Rainforest Retreat 【Price start from RM515】【Click Here

Source : Malaysiakini