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Humorous Post by Sabah NSC on Travel to Sabah During RMCO Went Viral!

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Majlis Keselamatan Negara Negeri Sabah has won the praises of many netizens with a humorous social media post on travel requirements to the state during recovery movement control order (RMCO).

The post on Facebook has since gone viral with over 12,000 shares and 5,000 comments.

If you understand the Sabahan Slang and the local humour, I’m sure you will LOL ! if you are not .. no worry ! Let us translate it for you!

The Translated Post :

This is something that easier for everyone to understand.


Mr. Rembo resides in KL wanted to go Sabah, He do not need to do Swab test according to media announcement on Jun 2 from Sabah Health Director.

After he reach Sabah he will need to fill up the health declaration form and risk assessment form.

If Rembo looks like infected with Covid-19 (symptomatic) he will be refer to hospital. If he is not symptomatic, he will also check by JKNS officer (for risk assessment).

Credit : Blog Traveloka

If no risk, then he can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sabah with his love ones and those he missed. If there is a risk, he will need to do a Swab test and quarantine until the result is out.

Frequent asked questions?

  • Any payment? There’s no need for payment, what’s important is you give your full cooperation and if you are asked questions, don’t pretend to be mute.
  • If Rembo want to change his flight from KL-KK to Johor Bahru( JB) because he want to bring along beautiful young lady from JB? No matter where Rembo flying from, as long as he step on the land below the wind, the procedure will be still the same.
  • After Rembo’s trip in Sabah, he want to go back to Peninsular? As long as Rembo can afford the air ticket, if cannot afford then have to stay back maybe work part time to move gas cylinder.
Credit : Berita Harian ( Picture for illustration purpose only)
  • Do Rembo need to report himself in Police station? If it’s because you are sniffing glue, then yes!  If you just want to do interstate travelling then No! Please, don’t only watching Naruto and playing PUBG, check out the press statement from Prime Minister too!
  • Anyway i can avoid the test in Airport? Ok ! If so happen the plane stop on top of your house, you ring the bell and the plane stop for you, then you are lucky Rembo!
  • If Rembo did the Swab test before his flight? Rembo is best son in law, highly committed. He can take such a good care of himself we don’t need to worry for his wife. I’m sure he can take care of her. But poor thing, all his hard earn money gone ( Swab test is not cheap).
Credit : The Business Journals
  • Can Rembo sit on the floor of the plane, because he is worried he gets infected from the previous passenger? No worry, Rembo. All airlines have to comply to strict SOP to ensure passengers reach their destination safely. You better sit on the chair before they ask you out.


Once Rembo reached home in Sabah, his sister don’t want to open the door because he forgot to get them the souvenirs, Rembo was upset and rushed to Menumbuk( Jetty to Labuan) because he wanted to buy some chocolate from Labuan.

Rembo do not need to do Swab test in Menumbuk, but most importantly he got money to pay the ferry fare, unless he want to go on the float that tight to the back of the ferry.

Credit : pontoonopedia

When Rembo come back from Menumbuk, JKNS will be using the same procedures like what they do in KKIA as mentioned above, KKIA mentioned is the Kota Kinabalu International Airport not Clinic KKIA ok?!


Rembo ex-girlfriend, Rosalinda Ayamura was stationed in Philippines for work and wanted to go back to Sabah, Her sample will be taken in KLIA and before that she need to get approval from KP JIM before entering Malaysia.

If sample is negative, she can proceed her journey back to Sabah with the procedures mentioned above. However, Rosalinda Ayamura cannot meet up with Rembo yet because she need to be quarantined. Only when the quarantine period is over, Rembo can date Rosalinda Ayamura for a Mee Tauhu in King Fisher but still, they have sit far apart (safe distancing).

Credit : Daily Sabah

If sample is positive, she need to be hospitalised in KL, Rembo can only miss her until she is fully recovered.

I hope you all understand, don’t ask Rembo to go Sawawak then only go Sabah just to give everyone an example how all this works. because he haven’t pay me back the money i lent to him for his air ticket yet.

A netizen commented that he had a great time reading the post.

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this,” he said, adding that flight tickets to Sabah are very expensive now.

Some netizens also commented it’s informative and very easy to understand with the given scenario.

This netizen is asking “What if the girlfriend is in Labuan? can they meet in Sabah?”  and admin replied in a pretty funny way too. ” Girlfriend have to go through the procedures by JKNS in Menumbuk, It’s dangerous to go dating if one of you is infected.”

For those who are interested in going for a holiday in Sabah, check out Majlis Keselamatan Negara Negeri Sabah Facebook page to read the full travel requirements.

Source : The Star