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Ismail Sabri: Cinemas, Swimming Pools and Live Events Are Allowed on Jul 1

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Get your popcorn and swimsuits ready, people !!! The government has agreed to allow cinemas, swimming pools and live events to resume, says Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

According to The Star, the above mentioned activities can resume on Jul 1 with conditions that citizens adhere to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). The activities can only take place in enclosed areas and should not exceed more than 250 individuals at any given activity or time.

Credit : Malay Mail

Swimming Pools

  • Government has agreed to allow public as well as private pools at hotels, gated residences, apartments, and condominiums to resume from July 1 onwards.
  • But, the locations must provide lifeguards, observers or supervisors at these locations to ensure the number of people in the pool is controlled at all times.
  • Number of people allowed in these pools is also based on the capacity and the pool size.
  • No restriction for children to use these pools, however, government does not encourage this. ( Decision is up to the parents and management or pool operators of these areas to decide if they would want to allow children to use the pools )
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It’s a MUST for pool operators to register a notification that they are reopening their pools with the International Trade and Industry Ministry’s website at  In order for local authorities and Youth and Sports Ministry to monitor if the SOPs are being followed.

Water-related activities at lakes, rivers, and sea are allowed to resume, but must follow SOPs. However, for now Water theme parks are still not allowed to operate.