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Long Queue Spotted in Japan for Uniqlo’s Airism Face Masks

Photos credit to twitter | headlinesyahoo | twitter(Quynh)

Long queue can be seen in Uniqlo stores in Japan as the clothing chain began selling face masks with breathable fabric used in the brand’s popular line “Airism”, preparing for the coronavirus outbreak lasting through summer, reported by Oriental daily.

Credit : Oriental Daily

Some people even standing in the rain waiting for stores to open. Scene of long queue were spotted throughout Japan and broadcast on Twitter, while the online store displayed an apology to those looking for the washable Airism masks, saying the website was overwhelmed.

Credit : Oriental Daily

Airism has been one of Uniqlo’s most popular lines, known for allowing wearers to stay cool in the heat and during exercise. The masks are sold in three-piece packs for ¥990 (RM 39.60), and are available in three sizes.

Credit : Oriental Daily

Prospects of a prolonged Covid-19 crisis has encouraged Japanese consumers to buy reusable and washable masks rather than disposable masks, because initially disposable masks was short in supply.