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Malaysian Couple Uses Money Saved From Wedding Ceremony To Help Others

The greatest happiness in the world is helping people and seeing them happy.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, many couples who plan to get married in these few months have to postpone or downscale their wedding ceremony.

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Since the wedding ceremony has to be in a smaller scale, some couples could have save some money by cutting down some wedding expenses like wedding halls, dinner or lunch for the family and friends.

And, this couple from Penang are very different from others. They decided to do something meaningful with the remaining budget for wedding.

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P. Seevaratnam, 32, and his bride T. Thilageswary, 29, only held their big day at home and attended by 20 family members.

After that, they used the money which saved from the cost of their wedding to help the needy. They bought a new laptop for a student M. Shakkthivel and an orthotic walker for former Penang Island City Council labourer S. Kandiah who are suffering from Charcot foot due to diabetes.

Just two years ago, Seevaratnam’s family actually had also sponsored Kandiah a motorised wheelchair.

“My brother gave me the idea of giving something back to society with the money that we had saved from the wedding.

“We would have spent close to RM80,000 if we had gone ahead with both the temple wedding and reception,” said the bridegroom, Seevaratnam.

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Before the movement control order(MCO), the couple had almost done with their wedding preparations.

They said, “The only thing we had left to do was send out the wedding invitations. Our families were worried about the disease, and after much deliberation and discussion, they decided to hold a simple ceremony at home. “

Lastly, they added that the two recipients whom they reached out were recommended by Malaysian Hindu Sangam, which usually carries out social and welfare activities.

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