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MOH : Conditional Movement Control Order ( CMCO) To Be Continued Or Lifted?

Here is a message from Ministry of Health ( MOH ) to all Malaysian on the frequent asked question : CMCO to be extended or lifted?

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CMCO to be extended or lifted?

Conditional movement control order (CMCO) to be extended or lifted, has become a frequent asked question and talk of the town.

Before it is answered, let’s see the situation of the covid-19 infection in our country at this moment.

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The Covid-19 cases among the local people is decreasing and remains single and double digits. It is close to the MOH projection and the factor contributing to the precision of this projection is the compliance of Malaysians to SOP .

Well done to all of us and a big thank you to the security team such as PDRM, ATM, APM and RELA to be firm against minority who are ‘stubborn’.

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However, some of the foreign citizens especially foreign workers who have legal permits didn’t comply to the SOP like what we do. For those illegal workers, we don’t need to worry much as most of them have been detained in the depot which is in the control of the authorities.

The positive cases among these foreign workers continue to increase because they don’t obey the SOP. They only obey the SOP at work but not after work.

We can’t blame them for staying in a cramped quarters. Because they do not have a choice.

They are foreign workers who come to our country due to poverty. If given a choice, of course they want to be with their family in their own country. No one chooses to live in tough environment.

We shouldn’t think the increase of positive cases among foreign workers is not our problem. Foreign workers from Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan and Indonesia are already part of our community.

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Only some of them live in the place provided by employers such as construction sites for construction sector. While foreign workers for other sectors, mostly live in our neighborhood.

There are people who hang out friendly with us, buying goods in the supermarket like us, for those who are Islam, pray together in the mosque.

Somehow, they are already part of our society. The covid-19 cases among these foreign workers is also our problem. Moreover, they get infected while working in our country.

The role we can play is to make sure they obey the SOP if they are in public.

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A bigger role need to be played by the employer. Employer need to ensure each worker will have more space to himself, greater hygiene discipline will be instilled among the workers, and better segregation practices will be put in place.

At this point, all of us including employer and workers should play their role to curb the spread of the virus as it’s affected everyones life.

And as long as the foreign worker’s case continues to increase, even just one case it should be worrying us.

Compliance of SOP by local people and non-local needs to play along. We can’t live comfortably if either party is not complying to SOP.

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MOH’s role is to detect foreign workers  who are infected with covid-19 and treat them until they are recovered. After discharged from hospital, they will return to the place they stayed. The risk of infection can happen anytime again if there is no safe distancing and a good hygiene practices.

Infections will happen over and over again if all the parties didn’t play their role to curb the spread of the virus.

Can we as a local feel relieved if the number of infection among foreign workers are still high? Of course not, because they are already part of our society.

Looking at some active cluster which involve foreign workers, and also infected local people such as spicy cluster, kg sg lui, Jalan Chow Kit, Jalan Besar Othman, Security Guard Cheras, Selangor Mansion Wholesale market kl and pudu.

In fact, the most newly detected cluster, cheras apartment also has a positive case for foreign workers.

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If CMCO is lifted, MOH needs to make sure the infection in foreign workers is controlled because the risk of spreading to the local people is high.

It’s a fact that this virus can’t be completely vanished. However, mimimise the infected cases of local people and foreign workers is a must for now. Life must go on.

Will CMCO to be extended or lifted? No one can answer except the Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin. Let’s wait for the announcement before the last day, on June 9th.

Source : MOH